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Raising the Bar: Casa Macareno

Categories: Food & Drink June 23, 2016

Madrid’s characterful old bars and tabernas are monuments in their own right. These living, breathing, drinking time capsules are as much a part of history as they are an enduring feature of daily life. In Madrid, bars are not merely drinking holes; they are ground-dwelling extensions of residents’ living-rooms. Places to meet, eat, chat, read, reflect, and yes, of course – drink. In recent years, Madrileños have bemoaned the slow but steady disappearance of some of the city’s most beloved bars; closing down in the face of tough economic times and inflamed by the expiration of an antiquated rental law (that saw some rent prices skyrocket). Yet, some of the city’s oldest, most beloved bars are being passed on to a younger generation, providing a drop of hope for the longevity of these ancient institutions. For the latest outing of ‘Raising the Bar,’ stake out a spot at the recently re-badged Casa Macareno, order a caña, choose your ración, and raise your glass to celebrate this month’s most treasured bar de Madrid. Read more

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Liam Aldous Liam Aldous

Madrid is the new Berlin

Madrid is the new Berlin Categories: Entertainment
June 10, 2016

Yep. You heard it here first. The Spanish capital is experiencing a bit of a moment. Tough economic (not to mention political) times have spurred an awakening; driving more creativity, solidarity, and transformation on this city’s streets than ever. Berlin has been attracting the world’s drifting bohemian class for the better part of …

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Alicia Hernandez Alicia Hernandez

Flavours of India

Flavours of India Categories: Food & Drink
June 1, 2016

From 23 to 26 June, Madrid will be playing host to the entire Bollywood film industry as the city celebrates the annual prizes awarded by the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA). To get a feel for the occasion, you could go to Lavapiés, where most of Madrid’s Indian population lives, and eat …

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Liam Aldous Liam Aldous

The 5 x 5 Madrid Pride Guide

mainfoto1 Categories: LGBT
May 26, 2016

Madrid’s raucous gay pride week is the Spanish capital’s most popular event and one of the world’s biggest LGBT celebrations to boot; around 2 million people take to the streets for the annual pride parade alone. This year the festivities will take place earlier than usual – between June 29th and July 3rd

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Madrid Mementos Volume 2

mainphoto1 Categories: Shopping
May 5, 2016

So you’re in Madrid for a few days and between all the tapas and traversing the city you still want to pick up a worthy souvenir. The trouble is, all the tourist shops seem to be selling cheaply made plastic trinkets that you’d be embarrassed to stick on your fridge. Thankfully, Madrid is in …

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Fernando Martín Fernando Martín

Madrid is Music in June

David Guetta Categories: Entertainment
April 29, 2016

With the optimism that good weather brings, June opens with great taste in music for Madrid residents, who will no doubt be celebrating Music Day on 21 June. Relegating their dark winter clothes to the back of the wardrobe, they are ready to throw themselves into a series of musical explosions which will take place …

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Lost in La Latina

Cafe Pavón, La Latina Categories: Entertainment, Shopping
April 19, 2016

La Latina is a labyrinth of bars, restaurants and bullish antiquarians. The sheer quantity of places on offer is staggering and, if you’re anything like me, when you enter into the over-filled fray you have absolutely no idea how to distinguish between the good and the bad. So why not consult the experts? While …

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