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Out and about in bars and taverns

Categories: LGBT October 10, 2016


Autumn is here already. But no matter the time of year, in Madrid there are traditions that don’t change. Right at the top is that beautiful space of time that runs from the end of a hearty dinner to the moment when you walk through the door of your favourite haunt. Time for laughter and confiding in those close to us. A few short-lived hours during which we talk about our joys and our sorrows, our loves and our heartbreaks. The drinking, the reunion, the first toast, the chatting, the joking. And the friends. But like with everything else, Madrid is a city of contrasts. And you need to choose wisely to make sure you have a fantastic evening. Today I’m presenting my selection of early evening bars (as always with lots of gay vibes) where you’ll find good drinking, a fine selection of music and lots of cool people. Read more

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Ignacio Vleming Ignacio Vleming

Architecture Month

Architecture Month Categories: Art & Culture
September 16, 2016

Exhibitions, conferences, guided tours and, in particular, the opening of some of the city’s most interesting buildings are activities that form part of Architecture WeekOpen House and MOM, three initiatives that throughout October give people the opportunity to discover part of Madrid’s secret heritage.…

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Liam Aldous Liam Aldous

Madrid Nightlife Strikes Back

fabrik-copy_edited-1 Categories: Entertainment
August 31, 2016

Madrid me mata (Madrid kills me). “La mítica noche Madrileña” (the legendary Madrid nightlife). “Mad City” (a reference to the crazy temperament of this wild town). La Movida Madrileña (the name of Madrid’s post-dictatorship no-holds-barred cultural revolution during the 70s and 80s).…

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Liam Aldous Liam Aldous

Raising the Bar: Casa Macareno

photo03menuwithfruit1 Categories: Food & Drink
June 23, 2016

Madrid’s characterful old bars and tabernas are monuments in their own right. These living, breathing, drinking time capsules are as much a part of history as they are an enduring feature of daily life. In Madrid, bars are not merely drinking holes; they are ground-dwelling extensions of residents’ living-rooms. Places to meet, eat, chat, read, …

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Liam Aldous Liam Aldous

Madrid is the new Berlin

Madrid is the new Berlin Categories: Entertainment
June 10, 2016

Yep. You heard it here first. The Spanish capital is experiencing a bit of a moment. Tough economic (not to mention political) times have spurred an awakening; driving more creativity, solidarity, and transformation on this city’s streets than ever. Berlin has been attracting the world’s drifting bohemian class for the better part of …

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Alicia Hernandez Alicia Hernandez

Flavours of India

Flavours of India Categories: Food & Drink
June 1, 2016

From 23 to 26 June, Madrid will be playing host to the entire Bollywood film industry as the city celebrates the annual prizes awarded by the International Indian Film Academy (IIFA). To get a feel for the occasion, you could go to Lavapiés, where most of Madrid’s Indian population lives, and eat …

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Liam Aldous Liam Aldous

The 5 x 5 Madrid Pride Guide

mainfoto1 Categories: LGBT
May 26, 2016

Madrid’s raucous gay pride week is the Spanish capital’s most popular event and one of the world’s biggest LGBT celebrations to boot; around 2 million people take to the streets for the annual pride parade alone. This year the festivities will take place earlier than usual – between June 29th and July 3rd

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