On your bike!

Category: Sports March 24, 2013
Madrid Río en bicicleta

Madrid Río by bike

A bike is a great way to see a city. Sometimes we ride a bike out of need, other times for the exercise and often just for the sheer fun of it.

I myself have been spinning at the gym for some time now. I’ve gradually become a cycling enthusiast. I now go cycling most weekends. Funny enough, it’s also allowing me to rediscover my own city.

Madrid has a wonderful green belt of some 60 kilometres in length which runs around the entire city, passing through many different neighbourhoods, parks, paths… The whole route takes about four hours. I strongly recommend exploring certain sections, such as along the Manzanares river, an area which has been completely reclaimed to provide recreational facilities for one of my favourite neighbourhoods, La Latina, which begins at the river and runs along Calle Segovia as far as Plaza Mayor.

If you want to discover the authentic Madrid, this bustling area is a must-see at any time of day. It is home to some of the city’s most symbolic streets, such as Cava Alta or Cava Baja, which run through the heart of this famous area and boast some of the finest taverns and bars in the world. A fantastic atmosphere every single weekend!

Who said Madrid is no place for bikes? Like all historic cities, Madrid is adapting to the times as regards social demand for urban mobility and is gradually responding to trends calling for cleaner, quieter and more sustainable solutions. So don’t hesitate: get on your bike and discover a new side of Madrid. Go for it!

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