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Silvia Roba is a tireless traveller who has visited many far-flung corners of the world offering us her accounts of what she discovers there. But it is in Madrid where she feels most at home. She is a top-class journalist, lover of sports, fine food and living life to the full.

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Category: Shopping
October 7, 2021

Back in the day, Madrid was home to guilds for artisan weavers and basket makers who worked with natural fibres. Today we can find craftsmen, some of whom come from historical Madrid-born families, who share this passion for former trades in these current times.

On the banks of the lake Category: Food & Drink
July 20, 2021

Madrid might not have a beach, but it does have a lake whose shore is a great place to enjoy the sun and breeze. These restaurants withmake up a veritable lakeside promenade in Casa de Campo Park, one of the city’s green lungs, with views of the Royal Palace and Madrid’s most iconic skyline in […]

Music at their fingertips Category: Shopping
June 15, 2021

The 21st June is European Music Day. What better excuse to pay a visit to some of the master craftsmen and women who make handmade guitars? The wisdom of these luthiers is infinite, and their craft brings us works of art that withstand the test of time and allow us to form lasting memories.

Weaving threads Category: Art & Culture
May 18, 2021

Journey through history with the Royal Tapestry Factory, which in 2021 will celebrate 300 years since it first opened its doors. At the heart of its mission is the production and restoration of rugs, tapestries and coats of arms, in addition to conserving Spain’s textile heritage. Its guided tours invite us to discover how today’s […]

Category: Food & Drink
May 12, 2021

Every 15 May on San Isidro, the day Madrid celebrates its patron saint, the city’s patisseries fill with these sweet, utterly tempting treats. They come in a huge variety, dumb ones, smart ones, those of Santa Clara and French ones, and you really must try them all. And you really must try them all. Tradition […]

Category: Shopping
April 20, 2021

As the song goes, there was a time when violet sellers would appear on the streets of Madrid “like birds, precursors of spring”. Today we’re going to travel back in time through the flavours of two centuries-old sweetshops. Steeped in history, to this day they still sell their hand-made sweets with the essence of this […]

Category: Shopping
March 29, 2021

Although this year the streets of Madrid will not host the city’s annual Easter processions, the Cerería Ortega is still open for business. Steeped in one hundred years of history, this family-run candlemakers is the only shop in the city to sell candles handcrafted using the traditional methods of bygone times. Filled with great passion, […]