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Raising the Bar: Casa Macareno

Categories: Food & Drink June 23, 2016

Madrid’s characterful old bars and tabernas are monuments in their own right. These living, breathing, drinking time capsules are as much a part of history as they are an enduring feature of daily life. In Madrid, bars are not merely drinking holes; they are ground-dwelling extensions of residents’ living-rooms. Places to meet, eat, chat, read, reflect, and yes, of course – drink. In recent years, Madrileños have bemoaned the slow but steady disappearance of some of the city’s most beloved bars; closing down in the face of tough economic times and inflamed by the expiration of an antiquated rental law (that saw some rent prices skyrocket). Yet, some of the city’s oldest, most beloved bars are being passed on to a younger generation, providing a drop of hope for the longevity of these ancient institutions. For the latest outing of ‘Raising the Bar,’ stake out a spot at the recently re-badged Casa Macareno, order a caña, choose your ración, and raise your glass to celebrate this month’s most treasured bar de Madrid. Read more

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Rebecca Moy Rebecca Moy

Tapas in Madrid: Bite-Sized Tradition

Tapas Categories: Others
December 4, 2013

The way to my heart is most definitely through my stomach, and Madrid has won me over tapa after tapa. Tapas are generally small portions of food served in most typical bars and restaurants in Madrid and provide one of the easiest and most authentic ways to try out the capital’s traditional cuisine.

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Silvia Roba Silvia Roba

Madrid gastronomy

Categories: Food & Drink
November 26, 2013

Just as we have a Royal Academy of Language that monitors the correct use of Spanish, there is also a Royal Academy of Gastronomy founded on the conviction that food and the way it is prepared has always been at the very heart of our culture. Studying and promoting this important heritage is the …

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Ignacio Vleming Ignacio Vleming

Authentic Chic

Don Flamenco Categories: Food & Drink, Shopping
July 19, 2013

Typical Spanish is a concept that can also be applied to things that are particularly exclusive or stylish. Artisans at the cutting edge of their craft, gastro bars with a neocañí or neo-gypsy atmosphere, and young cuplé talents have created an aesthetic that combines authenticity with the last word in chic.…

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Silvia Roba Silvia Roba

Easter Torrijas

horno-de-san-onofre Categories: Food & Drink
March 21, 2013

This time I would like to suggest a route that will leave you with a delicious aftertaste. If you have a sweet tooth you are in luck, because at Easter the shop windows of cake shops and bakeries in Madrid put on a very tasty show. Increasingly original chocolate eggs and “monas de Pascua” (Easter …

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Laura Ceballos Laura Ceballos

Are there any mummies here?

debod1 Categories: With the kids
March 4, 2013

I recently enjoyed a family day-out with my friend Almudena de Benito, architect and creator of Chiquitectos (an architectural workshop for kids), and her son Martín who, together with Manuela, my daughter, could easily have passed for a 21st century Anthony and Cleopatra if they hadn’t both been wearing their break dancer gear.…

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Silvia Roba Silvia Roba

The value of a comb

posada-del-pene-150x150 Categories: Art & Culture
February 27, 2013

The title of this blog entry is a Spanish expression dating back to the Middle Ages. At that time, a lack of hygiene was commonplace and virtually no-one spent much time on their hair. When society gradually acquired better and healthier habits, this expression came to be used as an insult hurled at the vagabonds …

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