Liam Aldous Liam Aldous

Madrid Nightlife Strikes Back

Categories: Entertainment August 31, 2016

Madrid me mata (Madrid kills me). “La mítica noche Madrileña” (the legendary Madrid nightlife). “Mad City” (a reference to the crazy temperament of this wild town). La Movida Madrileña (the name of Madrid’s post-dictatorship no-holds-barred cultural revolution during the 70s and 80s). Read more

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Silvia Roba Silvia Roba

A roaring city

Zazu peque Categories: Entertainment
January 18, 2013

For over a year now The Lion King has been taking Madrid by storm, a colossal show which has become yet another icon on Gran Vía. Every evening the Teatro Lope de Vega boasts a full house: no one wants to miss this moving story set in Africa and starring the continent’s most majestic wildlife. …

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Ignacio Vleming Ignacio Vleming

The Von Trapps on Gran Vía

Sonrisas-y-lágrimas Categories: Entertainment
December 21, 2012

Whiskers on kittens and crisp apple strudels…these are a few of my favourite things. Along with a good musical, of course. So, I grabbed the chance to pop along to the Arteria Coliseum Theatre on Gran Vía and see Sonrisas y lágrimas, the Spanish version of The Sound of Music.

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