Carlos Menéndez

Carlos Menéndez BIO:
Carlos Menéndez is from Madrid. He was born in Asturias and brought up in León but he has made Madrid his home. Here is where he launched his professional career over 20 years ago. A career which would take him to many cities, but being a man "fromMadrid", he was never truly happen until his return. He now does what he enjoys most: telling the world nowhere's better thanMadrid.

Dalí's moustaches Category: Food & Drink
April 27, 2013

Salvador Dalí returns to Madrid from 27 April, with full honours. That day, the Reina Sofía Museum opens its major retrospective of the artist. Coinciding with this very comprehensive exhibition, the city is preparing to pay tribute to him. The Hotel Palace was one of his favourite places in the city, which is why those in charge of […]

Category: Entertainment
March 14, 2013

Would you like to discover Pedro Almodóvar’s unique vision of Madrid? I am one of those firm believers that his films would be very different if he’d gone to live to another city. Madrid is essential for understanding Pedro Almodóvar’s films; the city has become one of his main characters, something the director has said […]

Category: Art & Culture
January 17, 2013

When visiting a city, the first thing you need is somewhere to stay. But that’s not what this post is about. Yes, the Palace and the Ritz are two hotels. Two centrally-located, comfortable, exclusive, classic, punctilious and perfect establishments. But the aim of this post is to help us understand why these two emblematic hotels, […]

Rainbow flag Category: LGBT
January 4, 2013

It’s still a few years away, but the countdown has already begun. In Boston, October 2012, Madrid was chosen as the venue for World Pride 2017. What’s more, it was a unanimous decision – yet more proof of the feeling of admiration our city instils among the entire LGBT collective. Madrid is a free and tolerant city, […]