Mauricio Adalid

Mauricio Adalid is the founder and managing director of the communication agency The Apartment. Over the course of a career spanning more than 22 years, divided between Spain, the United Kingdom, Africa and Greece, he has carried out projects in the fields of trade and international journalism. In the last few years he has specialised in communication, branding and public relations. His name has been linked to companies as influential as ZERO magazine, Área de Comunicación Global, The Times and Room Mate Hotels.

Mauricio Adalid
Mauricio Adalid Mauricio Adalid

Gay-friendly hotels

Categoría: LGBT August 6, 2014
Room Mate Oscar

I was born in Barcelona but I’ve always felt like a citizen of the world. I’ve been lucky enough to be able to live in various different countries from a very young age.  I don’t mean that I visited as a tourist, but rather that I had the privilege of living with local people, …

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