José Miguel Antúnez José Miguel Antúnez

The park for runners

Categories: Sports January 25, 2013

Running in El Retiro Park

What better way of starting up this blog than with a tribute to Madrid’s most emblematic space: El Retiro Park.

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Laura Ceballos Laura Ceballos

An afternoon of churros

Churros Categories: Food & Drink, With the kids
January 23, 2013

One of the things we most like doing here at home is going out for churros and hot chocolate. Now they’ve become very famous and they’ve travelled all the way to Asia, to countries like China, where they eat them in their own way. We, like good Madrid girls, go to Chocolatería San Ginés, …

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Laura Ceballos Laura Ceballos

Fairies at the bottom of the garden

Jardín-Botánico-1 Categories: Art & Culture, With the kids
December 7, 2012

Madrid is a city with a lot to discover in the company of children. There are many, many things I like about Madrid. One of them is its wonderful bright blue sky, dotted with clouds that make it look like a Velázquez painting, especially in autumn.…

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Silvia Roba Silvia Roba

Purely for pleasure

Reja-de-El-Capricho-300x181 Categories: Art & Culture, Sports, With the kids
October 4, 2012

At the last Madrid Fashion Week, Josep Font, designer of the Jesús del Pozo collections, chose El Capricho Park for his runway show. As a result, many people discovered one of the city’s prettiest, most romantic and idyllic parks. A great unknown.…

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