The Legacy of the House of Alba Exhibition

Category: Art & Culture March 27, 2013

There’s always a huge amount of work behind any exhibition, as you can see in this video about the The Legacy of the House of Alba exhibition. The paintings, which are on display at CentroCentro Palacio de Cibeles and have already been seen by over 135,000 people, will be showcased till 21 April. Many of these works had never left Liria Palace because of their highly delicate condition, so this really is a unique chance to see them. My favourites include The Virgin of the Pomegranate by Fra Angelico (I’m not being very original here as it’s the star exhibit) and Titian’s portrait of the Grand Duke of Alba. They’ve also just brought in a new piece: Fernando the Catholic’s will which he signed just a day before he died and in which he left his kingdom in Aragon to his daughter Joanna, known as Joanna the Mad.

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