The Atlético de Madrid Museum

Category: Sports June 10, 2013
Camisetas. Museo del Atlético de Madrid

T-shirts. Atlético de Madrid Museum

Last Sunday I discovered a fascinating place which I can heartily recommend to all football fans who visit our city. The place in question is the museum dedicated to Atlético de Madrid, the team that won the last King’s Cup.

There’s a lot to be gained from visiting a museum now and again! And in this case, I’m telling you, it’s an absolute “must” because it’s a little cultural jewel—sport is culture too—that takes you on a journey through the world of football, charting how the sport has evolved over the years and showcasing a fantastic collection of balls and football boots. Although, of course, the idea here is for visitors to learn more about the world of Atlético de Madrid since it was founded over 100 years ago.


Balones y zapatillas. Museo Atlético de Madrid

Balls and shoes. Atlético de Madrid Museum

Let’s not forget that our beloved “Atleti” is the third Spanish team with the most titles, some of them as prestigious as the Intercontinental Cup, nine Spanish Leagues and ten King’s Cups, one European Cup Winners’ Cup, one Europa League and one Spanish Super Cup… Altogether, quite a treasure trove of national and international trophies that never fails to impress those who come to admire them. Here are a few interesting facts to complete your knowledge of Atlético de Madrid and, I hope, persuade you to come and visit this wonderful museum dedicated to sport… Even if you support Real Madrid!

Museo del Atlético de Madrid

Atlético de Madrid Museum

Did you know that…

Atlético de Madrid was founded on 26 April 1903 by a passionate group of Basque students.

The connection between Atlético de Madrid and the Spanish Air Force came about when the Athletic Club of Madrid merged with Aviación Nacional in 1939, giving rise to Atlético Aviación.

The football team, and by extension the fans, are nicknamed colchoneros (“mattress makers”). The red and white stripes of the team’s kit are reminiscent of old-fashioned mattresses, which used to be red and white as well.

The museum is regarded as the best sports museum in the Region of Madrid, and one of the best five football museums in the world.

Museo del Atlético de Madrid

Atlético de Madrid Museum

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