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Category: LGBT June 17, 2017

The big event has arrived and June is upon us. Europe’s largest Pride event arrives in Madrid to make history with an urban celebration that will bring nearly three million people to the city. I’m sure you’ve already booked your flights and accommodation, you’ve arranged to meet up with your friends in Madrid and you’ve planned your outfits for the 10 days of WorldPride Madrid 2017. But have you thought about where you’ll head when you go out?

Although every year the parties held during Pride at clubs all over the city centre can be counted by the dozens, this year –with the responsibility of being the global hub of the LGBTI festivities– the organisers of the capital’s nightlife have really pulled out all the stops. And believe me when I say that a range of nightlife options comparable to the one we’ll enjoy this year has seldom been seen in Europe. Here are the main parties you won’t want to miss. Or rather, a complete guide to the WorldPride celebrations, to ensure you don’t get lost in the immensity of it all. And remember: buy your tickets now if you don’t want to find yourself without a place!


Without a doubt, Tanga Party is one of the most jam-packed and fun parties to be found in Madrid today. It’s the sort of party that has a place for everyone: gays of all different colours, horny lesbians, transvestite DJs, heterosexuals wearing wigs and, in short, easy-going people eager to hook up and dance their hearts out on the floor to camp pop music. What’s more, the promoters of WorldPride have also gone to great lengths to ensure that their unique festival leaves nobody indifferent. And they’ve done so with three days of non-stop partying for which they’ve planned a veritable frenzy of light, glitter and colour. At Teatro Barceló, a club that buzzes with great vibes, the regular DJs and divas will perform on Friday 30 June, and there will also be a special live performance by Eurovision winner Loreen. On Saturday 1 July the legendary Freed from Desire will sound out among many other 90s dance tunes on a night that will feature a special appearance by Gala. And, as the grand finale to the parties of the world’s biggest Pride celebration, on Sunday 2 July we’ll draw on Spanish costumbrismo with performances by Camela and La Terremoto de Alcorcón, in an evening and night-time session. Tickets here. 


Without a doubt, we’re heading into the biggest festival Madrid has ever experienced. When EuroPride and WorldPride take place in the same city, in a year that marks the 40th anniversary of Pride in Madrid, the most international of all of the world’s gay festivals will delight us with as many as 12 different events spread across 9 days in the city’s biggest clubs, with an outlay of resources unlike anything ever seen. It’s the most vibrant gay festival there is, with the most sculpted men, the best DJs and the most essential house, dance and techno music, encompassing all of the big parties like Matinee, Macho, Kluster, Papa Party and a long list of others. Over the course of these ‘glorious days’, five main parties will bring the festival to life. The first of these, on Thursday the 29th, are the Macho Party in La Riviera and Kluster “State of Panda” in the club Changó. On Friday the revelry and all of those gay muscles will move to Madrid’s biggest club, Fabrik, for We Sundia + We Icon. On the big day of the parade, Madrid’s nightlife will be taken over by the We World Circus Massive Main Party. Because of the party’s colossal size, it will be held in the enormous venue Ciudad de Rock in Arganda del Rey. Finally, for those still left standing, on Sunday 2 July there will be the big We Closing Party – Forever Tel Aviv at Fabrik. But that’s not all: from 23 June to Sunday 2 July a fantastic party will be organised every day for the most die-hard partiers.


The top lesbian event on Madrid’s nightlife scene. The ladies in charge of promoting Madrid’s most crowded and famous lesbian bar have planned two essential events for the city’s prettiest girls and all of you who will be coming here during the 10 days of WorldPride Madrid 2017. The party they’ve created especially for these ladies will be held on the nights of Wednesday 28 and Thursday 29 June at the Fulanita VIP Club and will feature Chos, Conejas Party, Legendarix and Bolleroom. We’ll continue to whet our appetites with a music event on Friday 30 June in the club Moss. The Fantasy Girls and the regular Fulanita del Tal DJs will keep the party jumping following a concert by The Grooves, Sofía Cristo and Mía Wallas. And, when the big day arrives on Saturday 1 July, the Pride Girls Party will be held at the club Moss. After a live concert by Las Chillers, the rest of the night will feature iconic names like Anni Frost, Nur Braza, Carlota Linne and the Fulanita DJs. Without a doubt it’s the place to be for you girls at WorldPride.


Once again this year this festival is, along with the one described above, the other big event on Madrid’s Pride nightlife scene. From Wednesday to Saturday there will be four mega parties in four of the city’s best clubs, where you can soak up the most millennial, laid-back and camp atmosphere at WorldPride. On Wednesday the 28th the baton will be taken up by the club Boite, with Ultrapremios Venus. It’s the smallest of clubs but it’s a true hotbed of gay life in Madrid. Next, on Thursday 29 June, is one of Madrid’s best sessions: Versés in the club But. On Friday 30 June, the night before the big day of the National Pride March, the club Arena will host another great favourite on Madrid’s nightlife scene: Ultrapop. And the grand finale will come on Saturday 2 July, when La Riviera will host the mother of all parties: Viva! Main Party, featuring Pepino & Crawford, Yo soy Una Pringada, La Prohibida and top DJs from the city’s gay scene. Tickets here.  


Another of the major festivals that will be held during WorldPride is the one created by the promoters of MalaMala, one of the most Chueca-esque, transvestite, light-hearted pop sessions on Madrid’s gay party scene. For the big occasion they’ve also planned four nights of partying whose ambassadors will include some of the top divas on Madrid’s gay nightlife scene, like Pupi Poisson, Chumina Power, Supremme Deluxe and Nacha la Macha. Thanks to the zeal of these divas (and many more), we’ll be able to enjoy Porn Star at the club Cool on Wednesday the 28th. Next, on Thursday the 29th and staying at its regular club (Cool), will be MalaMala’s unique pop session MovidaWe change venues on Friday the 30th, due to necessity, when the club Cocó will host Ubícate Nena. Finally, on Saturday 1 July, the fantastic MalaMala Main Party will return to the club where it was born.


Of all of the parties held in Madrid, these may be the ones with the most extraordinary aesthetic. Now in their fourth edition, and set to pay tribute to WorldPride Madrid 2017, a total of three fabulous parties will feature the most fetishy atmosphere, the most  professional music and the kinkiest guys in the city. They’ll kick off on Saturday 24 June with a real celebration of music where DJs Indygo and Vulker will be responsible for getting people dancing in each and every dark corner of the club Arena. For Saturday 1 July they’ve planned an amazing Main Party in the three rooms of the club Pirandello, where we’ll be able to catch big names in electronica like Marcos in Dub, Elías, Tocho Vázquez and David Aarz, among others. And to finish up freeing the most curious minds out there, on Sunday 2 July there will be a great Closing Party, once again in the club Arena, where Pistolpete and Kinky Team will have those brave souls who are still raring for more dancing until their hips start to pop.


The promoters of the most jam-packed session on Madrid’s gay nightlife scene have organised an extremely comprehensive cultural event/party that includes all sorts of artistic, gastronomic and entertainment offerings. For the big event of the night, however, and taking advantage of the fact that WorldPride Madrid 2017 begins on 23 June, they decided to set themselves apart and get in ahead of the major festivals, holding their big party on Sunday 25 June and changing its regular location to one with a much larger capacity, at Tirso Club, right in Plaza de Tirso de Molina. It’s a great big pop party that’s sure to be one of the most unforgettable nights of this year’s WorldPride, featuring an entire line-up of DJs like Poptardas, Giulio Malatesta, Anthony May and Lolito Malibú, in addition to a special performance by Kika Lorace and a live show by Natalia as the cherry on the cake. It’s the best option for starting these two weeks of celebration and freedom off with a bang. Tickets here.


Starting at seven o’clock in the evening on Sunday 2 July, another great Closing Party will be held in Madrid to say goodbye to this edition of WorldPride. This colossal party will take place at the club La Riviera and will feature renowned national and international DJs like Chris Bekker (La Demence), Sean Crazz (Tel Aviv), Juanjo Martín (Salvaje Madrid), Black Flamingo, José Lagares and Vanesa Leklein. But that’s not all. Madness will take over every corner of the club, with erotic shows, aerial performances, drag queen acts and a whole host of other surprises that will make this one of the most amazing parties in the entire WorldPride festivities. Loads of house, loads of techno, loads of electronica and loads of macho men from all over the world.


Just in case you haven’t made up your mind yet, this festival arrives in the city with a leather aesthetic and music that leans towards house. The festival will invade Madrid’s Pride celebrations for the second year running, offering five parties of the sort that are never forgotten. They begin on Wednesday 28 June with Playgrounds and DJs Tocho Vázquez, Chris Ney and Santi B at the club Strong. On Thursday the 29th we’ll have Odarko, at the same club, with music by Muñumer, Charly and Carranco. On Friday the 30th SleazyMadrid Morbo will be held at the club Palace, featuring Subtonic, Coyuko and Juanma Herrara, among others. And on the big day, Saturday, the party will move to the club Changó, which will host Into the Tank, featuring The Mae and Max del Príncipe. After the big night, the partying will continue on Sunday with a morning session at Strong, and at night they’ll wrap up WorldPride with SleazyMadrid Duro, featuring Vulker and Carlos H, among other DJs. Could anyone offer more?

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