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Category: Shopping February 4, 2020
Guille García-Hoz

Guille García-Hoz

Pottery and ceramics have made a niche for themselves in Madrid, which is full of craftspeople who are bringing a modern touch to processes and techniques with a very long tradition. Below you’ll find a catalogue of items such as jewellery, crockery and lamps that are true works of art!

Guille García-Hoz

Pelayo, 43

Metro: Chueca, Alonso Martínez

Interior decorator and designer Guille García-Hoz is one of the chief exponents of this new wave of artists who are using pottery to unleash their creativity. For him, artisan goods have a special energy. It’s that energy that you can feel in every one of his pieces. His squirrels, elephants, dogs, pigs, deer and other animals come alive in the form of homeware (lamps, vases, flowerpots, mugs) and necklaces. The main feature is always a timeless white colour that never goes out of style. His aim? To arouse emotions and fire the imagination.

Andrés Gallardo

Moratín, 17

Metro: Antón Martín

Their work is intuitive and meticulous. For their bags and jewellery, Andrés Gallardo and Marina Casal use porcelain crafted on an ad hoc basis in collaboration with artisans in Spain and Portugal. Alongside these artisans, they are recovering traditional techniques. The imaginary they have developed is fuelled by themes like magic, love, flora and fauna.

D’A Ceramics

Doctor Fourquet, 11

Metro: Estación del Arte / Lavapiés

The ability to use her hands as tools is what drives Déborah Abizanda, for whom pottery symbolises three things: creativity, experimentation and slow life tied to work. In her shop-studio, crockery, flowerpots and lamps alternate with more artistic pieces, like her original Bouquet vases.

Favorito Studio

“Favorito is an answer. It’s a search for serenity, for meaning, a search to reclaim one-off pieces, giving an opportunity to the material, to irregularity”. That’s the philosophy of this studio in Madrid’s mountains, which sells its pieces (crockery, lamps, flowerpots, etc.) in various shops in the city, such as La Fábrica, AdHoc, Colindante, Comportha Deco.

Carmen Muñoz

Justiniano, 8

Metro: Alonso Martínez

Their shop-studio always contains pieces that customers can take home right away. First and foremost, however, they work on commission. You only need to choose the material and the design, and they take care of the rest. They hand-paint porcelain, earthenware, stoneware and glass, guided by the individual tastes of each person at all times.

Vajillas de Ultramar

This brand, whose name is inspired by adventure and travel, unites design, tradition and modernity to create incredibly fine earthenware pieces with a deliberately imperfect finish. Lightness is the hallmark of its pieces (sold on its website). The Sisley collection was designed for the Thyssen-Bornemisza Museum based on Alfred Sisley’s Flood at Port-Marly.

Tánata Cerámica

Tánata is a venture by Ana Ferichola and Natalia Figueroa, who met at the Francisco Alcántara Ceramics School in Madrid. In their catalogue, you’ll find decorative pieces, lamps, flowerpots… They just keep creating! Their pieces are hand-built and they work with all sorts of techniques and clay (earthenware, porcelain, terracotta, etc.). Their creations are sold in shops like Peseta, El Moderno Concept Store and La Portilla.

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