Dalí on a plate

Category: Food & Drink April 27, 2013
Piruletas con los bigotes de Dalí y los labios de Mae West

Lollies with Dalí’s moustache and Mae West’s lips

Salvador Dalí returns to Madrid from 27 April, with full honours. That day, the Reina Sofía Museum opens its major retrospective of the artist. Coinciding with this very comprehensive exhibition, the city is preparing to pay tribute to him. The Hotel Palace was one of his favourite places in the city, which is why those in charge of this iconic establishment have decided to pay tribute to him with a Dalí menu, prepared by four young chefs from the Empordà region. Anyone who tries it will have a variety of experiences, but always with a smile.

Sculpture by Dalí Category: Art & Culture
April 1, 2013

From 27 April to 2 September, the Reina Sofía Museum is holding a fantastic exhibition on Salvador Dalí. That is why I’ve been asked to write a post on the adventures of this eccentric and concentric genius, as he would often describe himself, in Madrid, where he lived from 1922 to 1926.