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Category: Food & Drink November 26, 2013
De tapas en La Ardosa

Out for tapas in La Ardosa (©Madrid Destino)

Just as we have a Royal Academy of Language that monitors the correct use of Spanish, there is also a Royal Academy of Gastronomy founded on the conviction that food and the way it is prepared has always been at the very heart of our culture. Studying and promoting this important heritage is the academy’s principal mission, which is why, after a long process of research, it has just published a succulent list of 100 essential Spanish recipes with details of where and how they originated. Want to know which are one hundred per cent Madrid? Keep reading!

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July 19, 2013

Sometimes you can pass by the same place over and over again and hardly register its existence. You’re so used to seeing their window displays that they become part of the urban landscape, and it never occurs you to go inside and have a poke around. Well something like that happened to me the other […]