With the best views

Category: Art & Culture June 1, 2013
Mirador del Palacio de Cibeles

Observation deck at Cibeles Palace

If there is one thing we all do when we travel, it is to look for the place with the best views of the city we have chosen for our holiday. We cannot help it: we like hotel terraces, rooftop bars, lifts with glass walls, towers, etc. Whatever the vertigo, it is worth it to get a different panoramic view for the photo that will take us back to that destination in our imagination once we are home again.

Category: Sports
April 24, 2013

Professional athletes are often forbidden from carrying out certain activities due to the risk of injury. Motorbikes, amateur bullfights, sports that are not compatible with their own… In my case, all such restrictions ended eight years ago when I retired from professional sport and I’ve since become totally hooked on one activity which I had […]