Cervantes’ Madrid

Category: Art & Culture June 9, 2015
En el Barrio de las Letras es posible comenzara leer el Quijote con solo mirar al suelo.

In the Literary Quarter you can start reading Don Quixote just by looking down at the ground.

Thrilling. This is the word that best describes the search for the coffin containing the remains of one of Madrid’s most distinguished inhabitants, Miguel de Cervantes. On 17 March, forensic expert and search leader Francisco Etxeberria confirmed that, in all likelihood, some of the fragments found in the crypt of the Trinitarias church include those of the author of Don Quixote and his wife Catalina de Salazar. Such an important historic and cultural revelation for our city has prompted me to suggest a walking tour inspired by Cervantes. The writer from Alcalá de Henares has not been in the limelight so much for years, especially since 2015 is also the year when we celebrate four hundred years since the publication of the second part of his great work.