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Out and about in bars and taverns

Category: LGBT October 10, 2016


Autumn is here already. But no matter the time of year, in Madrid there are traditions that don’t change. Right at the top is that beautiful space of time that runs from the end of a hearty dinner to the moment when you walk through the door of your favourite haunt. Time for laughter and confiding in those close to us. A few short-lived hours during which we talk about our joys and our sorrows, our loves and our heartbreaks. The drinking, the reunion, the first toast, the chatting, the joking. And the friends. But like with everything else, Madrid is a city of contrasts. And you need to choose wisely to make sure you have a fantastic evening. Today I’m presenting my selection of early evening bars (as always with lots of gay vibes) where you’ll find good drinking, a fine selection of music and lots of cool people.