Rosquillas for everyone

Category: Food & Drink May 12, 2021

El Horno San Onofre (© Álvaro López del Cerro).

Every 15 May on San Isidro, the day Madrid celebrates its patron saint, the city’s patisseries fill with these sweet, utterly tempting treats. They come in a huge variety, dumb ones, smart ones, those of Santa Clara and French ones, and you really must try them all. And you really must try them all. Tradition demands it!

Miguel Ángel Perera Category: Art & Culture
May 13, 2013

The festivities of San Isidro are about to begin. Every year, Madrid honours its patron saint with a programme packed full of cultural events that is scheduled to coincide with the world’s number-one  bullfighting festival, starting this afternoon in the Las Ventas Bullring.