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Category: Entertainment August 6, 2015
Cine de Verano de la Bombilla

Cine de Verano de la Bombilla

The unblemished summer sky has given rise to more open-air cinemas in the Spanish capital. And in Madrid, a night at the movies also gives you an opportunity to explore some of the capital’s most iconic buildings. From the daring programme projected inside the Palacio de Cibeles’ “crystal patio” and the commercial blockbusters and indie hits shown in a park alongside the Real Parroquia San Antonio de la Florida (with frescos painted by Goya) to the feel-good flicks screened in the quadrangle of an old military barracks – a touch of Madrid movie escapism is also a walk through local architectural history.

Category: Entertainment
March 14, 2013

Would you like to discover Pedro Almodóvar’s unique vision of Madrid? I am one of those firm believers that his films would be very different if he’d gone to live to another city. Madrid is essential for understanding Pedro Almodóvar’s films; the city has become one of his main characters, something the director has said […]