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Crown of Thorns, The Skin I Live In

Crown of Thorns, The Skin I Live In

Pedro Almodóvar is set to release his latest film Julieta and once again the Spanish capital will be part of the characteristically eclectic backdrop. For decades, the Manchego maestro has weaved his cinematic stories through the streets of Madrid; capturing the city’s ever-changing tapestry of stark contrasts, colourful personalities and its gentle metamorphosis into a modern European capital. A movie marathon of Almodóvar’s work feels like a warts-and-all love letter to his adopted home-town, but it also one of the best ways to charter the capital’s transformation. If you’re looking to step through the silver screen and discover Madrid according to the vision of one of Spain’s most celebrated directors, here are 10 local landmarks to chart your course.

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March 14, 2013

Would you like to discover Pedro Almodóvar’s unique vision of Madrid? I am one of those firm believers that his films would be very different if he’d gone to live to another city. Madrid is essential for understanding Pedro Almodóvar’s films; the city has become one of his main characters, something the director has said …