Det mondæne Madrid, Barrio de Salamanca

Category: Others December 18, 2013
Barrio de Salamanca

Barrio de Salamanca

Lige siden jeg flyttede til Madrid for godt og vel 5 år siden har jeg nydt at gå i gaderne og mærke byens puls. En af de ting jeg holder allermest af ved Madrid, er at hvert kvarter i byen byder på forskellige ting og særlige stemninger.

Tapas Category: Others
December 4, 2013

The way to my heart is most definitely through my stomach, and Madrid has won me over tapa after tapa. Tapas are generally small portions of food served in most typical bars and restaurants in Madrid and provide one of the easiest and most authentic ways to try out the capital’s traditional cuisine.

Category: Food & Drink
November 26, 2013

Just as we have a Royal Academy of Language that monitors the correct use of Spanish, there is also a Royal Academy of Gastronomy founded on the conviction that food and the way it is prepared has always been at the very heart of our culture. Studying and promoting this important heritage is the academy’s principal mission, which is why, […]

Category: Food & Drink, Shopping
July 19, 2013

Sometimes you can pass by the same place over and over again and hardly register its existence. You’re so used to seeing their window displays that they become part of the urban landscape, and it never occurs you to go inside and have a poke around. Well something like that happened to me the other […]

Don Flamenco Category: Food & Drink, Shopping
July 19, 2013

Typical Spanish is a concept that can also be applied to things that are particularly exclusive or stylish. Artisans at the cutting edge of their craft, gastro bars with a neocañí or neo-gypsy atmosphere, and young cuplé talents have created an aesthetic that combines authenticity with the last word in chic.

Category: Food & Drink
July 12, 2013

When summer arrives and temperatures start to climb, the bars and restaurants in Madrid take to the streets by setting up lively outdoor cafés. You will see hundreds of them as you stroll through the city, but to find the most impressive ones look up rather than at street level: some of them are located […]

Category: LGBT
July 1, 2013

  MADO, Madrid Pride, is the name given to the celebrations on Madrid’s streets during Gay Pride Week, where the central event is the Gay Parade, the biggest in Europe, which this year will be on 6 July. The MADO celebrations include open-air concerts, parties, art, culture and sport, all in and around the Chueca district, right […]